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“This is Fun Mikey … Micky? … Mika? … Yeah Mika. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you put your dick in my ass … for as long as you want … If you pretend to be a girl while I have my boyfriend over.”

“Pretend? Why would you want that?”

“I just want to play … You know? … The three of us … Us two girls … and my boyfriend … It’ll be fun.”

“I can put it in your ass?”

“See Mika? … Isn’t this fun?”

“Do I get to do the same thing again tonight? … The thing we did earlier?”

“Yeah … Sure.”

“Then yeah … This is awesome.”

“Can we do it all month? … You know … ”

“Yes Mika … Every day … as long as you wear your Mika clothes.”

“OK … He can put it in.”

Mmm every day yes please

Edged twice

I need to suck cock

I need cock in my ass

I wish I would have had a sister growing up


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