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So I have had a lot of request, “How can I become more of a sissy?” etc. I decided to put together a post of some of the things I do, and things that will help you, in your sissification. 
This post is “bloggy” more than anything, so you’ll just have to wait for more of my own sissy pics~  😉 

Anyone can become more feminine, old, big, small, whatever…. trust me, I am older than most might think…. nothing is impossible, just a matter of how much you are willing to do! Let’s get started~


HRT (Hormone replacement therapy):

is NOT something you do to become a sissy. HRT is a serious decision, and should be made after consulting professionals (Doctor, and Therapist). I know it’s fun to read the captions about taking HRT etc… but it WILL cause permanent long term effects on your body, and can also lead to other permanent, dangerous, side-effects if not taken properly. 
From my own experience, when I was young and stupid, I do not condone HRT unless you are SERIOUSLY considering transitioning.

The Workout:
Getting in shape is very important! The more feminine your figure, the easier it will be to pull of a feminine sissy appearance! This is make basic routine for my legs and butt (I am pretty thin otherwise, luckily). I do this 3 times a week. 
On the off days, I jump rope! It’s a great, easy way to burn fat/calories, and you can do it almost anywhere. It is important here to mention, you want tone, slender muscles, not bulk; more reps, less weight. Also I don’t really work my arms out at all, that way I don’t have big shoulders etc… However, if you have extra weight in those areas, you might want to work on toning them down as well.

Body Hair:

Shave those legs sissy! Getting rid of body hair, is one of the most feminizing things you can do, that achieve almost instant results! 
I always see sissies posting pictures, asking how they look, and they are brandishing unshaven legs etc. This will break the illusion instantly (obviously the reason for this can very depending on what you define as being a sissy, and how feminine a sissy should be). You don’t even have to shave all the time! For example, I use a beard/hair buzzer on the closest setting to shave my legs (if I am just doing photos), because the slight stubble will not really be noticeable, and I can avoid any razor-burn/ingrown hair etc… That being said, my hair is already quite fine/thin and not very dark. Some of you might have to shave completely. I suggest you look at many youtube videos on how to shave, to lessen the effects of burn etc. 
“But I have hair EVERYWHERE!” Yes, some of us are not as fortunate when it comes to hair. This is one of those times where I mentioned in the beginning; “how much are you willing to do?” Laser hair removal is cheap, and can effectively reduce/thin/remove body hair. Look into whats available near you! 


STOCKINGS ARE SEXY!!!! Seriously, on those nice smooth legs, stockings will make your legs 10x sexier, and feminine, just how a sissy sluts legs should look. (Also, you can cheat here. If you have fine hair like me, just be lazy; shave your legs real close with the hair buzzer, then put on some black/nude sheer stockings, and your legs will look sexy smooth for photos!). Stockings can also help manage the appearance of your legs. They make them look longer and more tone. They also create a nice consistent color! Nothing is sexier than rubbing your smooth nylon legs together. It drives most crazy. (I love it when I guy rubs his hands over my stocking legs, and tears at the rump to get to my, lady parts hehe)


Is not as hard as you think, so don’t be intimidated. It takes me about 20-30min to achieve a decent makeup look that I am satisfied with! There are literally thousands of girls on youtube doing howto makeup tutorials. Fine a girl with your same skin complexion and watch her videos. See what product she uses, how she uses it, and there is probably going to be a style of makeup that you like. Watch, practice, learn. You can buy the same makeup in the vids online.
Also, there are makup apps on the phone you can use too (if you’re lazy). Get a nice clean shave, take a selfie, and makeup away! When I am feeling lazy, I use a combination of “Airbrush” “YouCam Makeup” and “Perfect365″. 


A quality hairpiece is essential. A cheap party wig, is going to give you a cheap party look…. a quality piece, not only will look 10x better, but will last 10x longer with proper care. It will also look waaaay more convincing when you meet your guy in person! So don’t be cheap here.


Don’t just buy clothes that you think look great on the model, they might not fit you the same way. Buy clothes that work for you, and that show off your most prominent feature. For example: I don’t buy hot-pants, because don’t have a bubble-butt yet, and they just wouldn’t fill out…. However, I my legs, or probably my best asset, so miniskirt/dress all the way! 
You’re a sissy, the sluttier, the better in my opinion (within the tips above).
Online shopping makes this a breeze, just measure yourself, and look at size charts.

High Heels:

Nothing screams sissy more than having to prance around on a pair of slutty heels! 

(Other Things To Consider)

  1. Your surroundings. Don’t take pictures in your bathroom, and clean your room. I nice clean room/bedroom background is really going to make your feminine sissy self stand out.
  2. Photo filters can add a better sense of lighting if you have poor conditions or a not so great camera.
  3. Be confident.
  4. When meeting a guy, make sure they know what they are in for. Make it clear your a CD or just a Sissy etc.
  5. Have fun! Explore your femininity.
  6. Suck lots of cock, and submit. 

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